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Why is it worth buying a used car via Broler.Serwis?

Our offer includes both modern and vintage cars, which undergo technical inspections and come from a trustworthy source. This allows our customers to avoid trouble when purchasing a car from an uncertain source and incurring unforeseen, additional repair costs. The cars on our offer undergo detailed technical inspections in an authorised Broler Bosch Service point. Any possible damage (including bodywork-varnish) and defects are removed to the level required by the manufacturer's technology in accordance with the periodic inspection assumptions. Therefore, we protect our Customers against purchasing a car, damages to which could affect the vehicle structure, or which post-repair quality would not correspond to manufacturer standards. This has a huge impact on user safety, and therefore Broler.Serwis offers only professionally prepared cars with, which should be noted, full documentation. Additionally, we offer the possibility to transport a newly bought vehicle to any place in the country (also with the use of a special vehicle – a car transporter). We guarantee a successful transaction to our customers.

How to find a vehicle, which is not on current offer?

Broler.Serwis carries out individual orders for cars (including antiques), motorcycles, boats, as well as utility vehicles and machines. We import cars from the EU and Switzerland. We ensure consulting and a comprehensive service, safe transport of vehicles and sea freight, and guarantee assistance in handling customs formalities. Please direct inquiries to

How to peruse the Broler.Serwis Showroom offer?

In the showroom tab, we present vehicles currently on offer. You can also send inquiries to or visit Broler.Serwis in person.

What is the guarantee for parts?

The guarantee period differs between 1 to 2 years, depending on the type of parts

Is there a possibility to ship parts abroad?

Yes, we ship both throughout Poland and abroad.

What are the forms of parts delivery/receipt?

In person, by courier, via the "door to door" service carried out by our employee (on request and in accordance with individual determinations).

What are the forms of payments for the parts?

On site by cash, by debit/credit card VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS CLUB. In case of individual determinations, a possibility exists to pay for the parts by bank transfer.

What brand of parts are used for repairs and orders?

Lemforder, Bosch, Zimmemann, Textar, ATE, Bilstein, SKF, Contitech, Luk, Beru - depending on Customer preference and availability. We advise on selection.

What is the waiting time for executing an order for parts?

Purchases may be made immediately on the same day (availability is checked on request). Waiting time for parts imported from abroad is around 3 to 4 working days, very rarely longer.

What dictates the prices for parts?

First and foremost, the cost may be surprisingly high due to the availability of certain parts, e.g. for older models or antique cars. It is also dependent on the current exchange rate.

Does Broler.Serwis have a parts warehouse?

Yes, mainly with spare parts for Mercedes-Benz, Smart, as well as cars of the Volkswagen Group - VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and BMW, Porsche, Jeep, Volvo, Chrysler and others.

What to do in the event of car accident damages?

Broler.Serwis can provide you with services in the scope of damage liquidation, e.g. by towing, contact with the insurer, damage valuation, the entire documentation connected with damage liquidation. After contacting Broler.Serwis and phone notification of the damage with the perpetrator's insurer (note: of the perpetrator) and signing the power of attorney for representation and assignment, our employees carry out the entire process, being in constant contact with the customer. The Insurer covers all costs from the perpetrator's mandatory insurance (OC), therefore the customer does not incur any costs. It is required to submit the following: -statement of the collision perpetrator; - perpetrator's policy number which will be used to repair the damage. In unclear situations and if the parties fail to reach an agreement, the Police should be called to the accident location, in order to avoid possible difficulties in liquidating the damages. The Police note from the accident location replaces the perpetrator's statement.

Does Broler.Serwis conduct bodywork-varnishing repairs?

Yes, we conduct comprehensive bodywork-varnishing repairs. They are quoted on a case-by-case basis. Inspection and estimation of the scope of works are conducted on location.

How often is it recommended to perform a vehicle inspection?

Basic inspection is recommended every 15 000 km, extended – every 30 000 km, full – every 60 000 km, or in accordance with Service Assistance indications of the vehicle meter.

What happens if the vehicle is damaged and has no mandatory inspection and/or mandatory insurance?

Having both periodical technical inspections and mandatory insurance, is required in accordance with Polish law. In such an event, the car cannot be transported otherwise than with a transporter or tow truck (i.e. it cannot be driven on public roads). Also, the restrictive statutory penalties should be taken into consideration.

Does Broler.Serwis perform technical inspections?

Yes, in accordance with the vehicle diagnostics station price list. The cost of a basic technical inspection of a passenger car – PLN 99 gross. Technical inspection cost of an LPG equipped car – PLN 162 gross.

What are the available types of payment for services?

On site in cash or with a debit/credit card: VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS CLUB. For contracts entered into with Broler.Serwis, by bank transfer.

What is the course of vehicle repair?

Repairs at Broler.Serwis take place with prior approval of the vehicle Owner, after presenting an initial repair estimate and after acceptance in writing or by phone. Should the vehicle technical condition require additional works, the Customer shall be informed on an ongoing basis for approval. All determinations are noted in the repair order.

What are the guarantee and warranty periods for the performed repairs?

Warranty time is determined by Polish law and is 1 year. For each repair conducted, where subassembly/part has been replaced, we grant 1 to 2 year guarantee (e.g. battery - 2 years).

What car makes are serviced at Broler.Serwis?

We ensure servicing of the following makes: Mercedes, Smart, Volkswagen Group - VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, BMW, Porsche, Jeep, Volvo, Chrysler and many more.

What does it mean that the service is authorised and a part of Bosch Car Service?

We encourage you to familiarize yourselves with detailed information in the Bosch Authorisation tab. Our knowledge and experience, as well as awarded certificates, entitle us to perform vehicle repairs in accordance with the Bosch services quality policy.

Is there a possibility to inspect the vehicle before purchase?

Yes, the inspection service of a passenger car before purchase costs PLN 430.50 gross and takes 2.5 hours. 

Is there a "door to door" service available?

Yes, in the scope of transporting a car for repairs and transporting it back. This service is additionally payable (cost depends on the location). It may be conducted with the use of a special vehicle (car transporter). For details, please inquire with Maintenance Department consultants – phone (22) 679-99-49 ext.1, e-mail or towing mobile phone no. 601 751 851.

Is technical assistance available after working hours?

Towing services are available 24/7 – please call 601 751 851. Contact person: Grzegorz Gruchot.

What is necessary for servicing consultations?

The vehicle registration documents, car/motorcycle, keys. (It may be necessary to e.g. check the communication between the car and the key).

Will the repair take a lot of time?

Repair time depends primarily on the nature of the defect and undergoes preliminary estimation. The Service Department provides current information to the Customer, with regards to the course of works and possible additional labour outlays. We strive to ensure you the most efficient provision of services possible, therefore it usually takes 1-2 working days and, if possible, pick-up on the same day.

What is the cost of tyre changing and storage?

Change of tyres – from PLN 196,80 gross. Storage service – PLN 147,60 gross / season.

What is the cost of filling the air conditioning?

Air conditioning filling – 147,60 PLN gross. R134 factor cost per kg – PLN 350,00 gross. Air conditioning mould removal service – PLN 170,70 gross.

What is the cost of the suspension geometry service?

Suspension geometry service – from PLN 246,00 gross.

What is the cost of computer diagnostics?

Computer diagnostics service – PLN 147,60 gross.

What is the cost of replacing brake blocks?

Brake blocks replacement service /axle - from PLN 147,60 gross (product cost not included).

What is the cost of replacing brake discs?

Brake discs replacement service /axle - from PLN 184,50 gross (product cost not included).

What is the labour cost for servicing?

One man-hour costs from PLN 196,80 gross. For details, please inquire with our Servicing Department consultants.

What is the cost of engine oil change?

Engine oil change service - from PLN 110,70 gross (product cost not included).

Do you have a price list for your services?

Yes, for basic services (described in subsequent points). For complex repairs, please inquire with our consultants at the Servicing Department.

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