Bosch Car Service

Bosch Service is a brand with many years of tradition, world famous for the high standard of automotive services offered.

We joined the Bosch Car Service network, adapting our offer to the constantly growing demands of the automotive market. The Broler Bosch Service workshop is an independent legal and financial unit, connected with Bosch by a bilateral authorisation contract.

We meet the highest standards imposed by Bosch and proudly emphasise our productive cooperation.

Our technicians, office and management staff, systematically participate in specialist trainings and examinations for further certification. Bosch Service is also an excellent preparation in the scope of requirements formulated by new technologies.

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Brief history of Bosch:
| 1921
First Bosch service point: Eisemann, Hamburg.
| 1925
First Bosch Service symbol in red, as a registered trademark
| 1930
Standardised, guidelines for Bosch Service valid worldwide
| 1971
Introduction of a Bosch Service modern logo
| 1991
Use of ESI software on a CD-ROM
| 1999
The year of presenting a new Bosch Service logo and opening first the opening Bosch Car Service point
| 2014
Authorisation of the company
| 2018
The largest network of authorised service stations in the world
Advantages connected with Bosch authorisation:
  • highest quality
  • knowledge acquired during specialised trainings at the Bosch Training Centre
  • possibility to use Bosch know-how
  • full trust and clear costs
  • constant access to a rich offer of high-quality spare parts
  • Bosch diagnostic devices
  • keeping the warranty
  • servicing all brands
Apart from provided repair services, Broler Bosch Service offers a broad range of Bosch car parts and accessories in our Parts Department
  • CDI injection systems elements
  • HV lines and elements thereof
  • flow meters
  • lambda probes
  • fuel pumps
  • ignition and glow plugs
  • newest generation car and motorcycle batteries
  • wipers
  • bulbs
  • drive belts
  • filters
  • brake system elements
  • many other products applied also in factory equipment of all passenger car and truck manufacturers

Company history

25 years of passion which has become a way of life.

  • Our team

    His greatest passion are, of course, cars. Apart from that, he often goes underwater (professional diver and Advance Trimix Diver below 100 m) and indoors (GCI Instructor), he’s a recreational firearms user and motorboat helmsmen.

    Zbigniew Broler
  • Our team

    His greatest passion are cars, although he devotes his free time to photography.

    Robert Budek
  • Our team

    His free time is mainly devoted to family car trips.

    Mariusz Fronczak
  • Our team

    Loves sports, plays football every chance he gets.

    Grzegorz Gruchot
  • Our team

    He loves motorcycles. They are his biggest and strongest passion.

    Artur Krajewski
  • Our team

    After work, he loves to go fishing and relax.

    Grzegorz Piotrowski
  • Our team

    Apart from his greatest passion - cars, he is an avid mountain climber, which gives him a similar adrenaline rush.

    Grzegorz Plasota
  • Our team

    Winter sports – just like cars – give him the same joy and adrenaline rush and require the same level of attention and perseverance.

    Piotr Sobczyk
  • Our team

    In his free time, he tries to combine several passions: he enjoys hiking, sports, but also spending time with a good book.

    Rafał Zwoliński
  • Our team

    In her free time, she tries to travel as much as possible. In addition to satisfying her thirst for learning about the world, she tries to devote some time to riding her bicycle and a reading a good book.

    Urszula Józefowicz
  • Our team

    Apart from cars – of course – he is also interested in movies and fashion.

    Sylwester Czaplicki
  • Our team

    He is interested in the living history of World War II, and when not reconstructing period automobiles, he either travels or visits dog shows.

    Krzysztof Piątek
  • Our team

    He engages in a variety of sports: both volleyball and angling. In addition, he builds models and researches World War II history.

    Robert Stelmach
  • Our team

    A micro edition explorer: he loves active recreation with his family, car and kayak trips, and hiking.

    Tomasz Berliński
  • Our team

    In her free time, she reads books and watches movies; her passions include dancing and crossword puzzles. But mainly she prefers spending time with the family.

    Halina Bucholc
  • Our team

    He is mainly involved in producing movies and pictures. In addition, snowboard, paintball and, of course, cars!

    Jakub Broler
  • Our team

    His passion are all manner of machines, including go-carts and jet ski. And sometimes an ordinary snowboard.

    Marcin Kuciński
  • Our team

    He spends his spare time with his family, usually engaging in various sports.

    Sebastian Remiszewski
  • Our team

    The range of his extra-curricular activities is quite broad: from enduro-motorcycles, through various sports - sailing, snowboarding, cycling - to quiet time with his family, books and pictures.

    Artur Broler
  • Our team

    In his interests, he always typed computers, computers and even ... computers. And motorization, naturally.

    Marcin Broler
  • Our team

    In love with the Tatras, he plans every spare moment for mountain trips. Before he gets to the top, he commutes by motorbike or car, which he loves as much.

    Jan Małachowski
  • Our team

    Of all sports in the world, the ping-pong is the most valued, and for balance she loves peace and quiet.

    Jura Trokhymchuk
  • Our team

    His kingdom is in the kitchen, where he experiments every day, searches for new tastes and enjoys the palate of the household.

    Olech Vysnevskyi
  • Our team

    If it was possible to be on a constant journey, she would choose such a model of life. On the map there are plans to mark many places.

    Dorota Ciećwierz
  • Our team

    She enjoys water sports - canoeing, sailing, and above all the underwater world. He is interested in photography and documentary films, and in his spare time he explores foreign languages ​​and travels most eagerly by car.

    Marta Kozłowska

Knowledge zone

Do you know how to appropriately care about your car and enjoy the lowest breakdown chance?

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